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Tired of feeling that shooting pain or dull throb in your hip? Though some people think that hip pain is something that only affects the elderly, anyone can suffer from hip problems. This can make it difficult to enjoy your favorite activities, take your dog for a walk or even sleep at night. Yoga consists of various exercises used in combination with meditation to make you feel more relaxed and at ease. Performing some simple yoga hip openers at home can increase your flexibility and improve the range of motion that you have in your hips.

Cross-Legged Stretches

For cross-legged stretches, sit flat on the floor with your legs extended in front of you. Bring your right leg towards you. Bend at the knee and place your shin flat on the floor. Bring your left leg towards you and place directly on top of your right leg. Slowly inhale as you lean forward and stretch your hips and back. Keep leaning until you lean forward as far as you can. Exhale as you lean back into your original pose. Repeat this exercise at least five times with your right leg underneath your left leg before extending your legs again and repeating give times with your left leg on the bottom.

Camel Pose

Place your knees flat on the floor and keep your eyes staring straight ahead. Bring your arms behind your back and place the tips of your fingers on your heels or your toes. Take a deep breath as you push your back and shoulders to your feet. You want to create a bend in your back that resembles the hump on a camel. Point your chest towards the ceiling and hold until you feel your back stretch. Remain in the pose for several seconds before exhaling and releasing.

Warrior Pose

Warrior is one of those classic yoga poses that works well as a hip opener. Stand with your feet planted in the floor and hip width apart. Plant your left foot in the floor at a 90 degree angle to your torso and the rest of your body. Move your right leg back as far as you can until you feel your hips stretch. Bring your arms up and away from your body, extending your arms to each side. Slowly rotate your torso to match the same direction as your left leg. Release and repeat on the right side. Try doing these hip openers to increase the flexibility of your hips.

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