How Weather Can Affect Pain


How Weather Can Affect Chronic Pain

 If you suffer from chronic pain, you already know the drill. You can go through several days without feeling a single twinge, but once bad weather arrives, you find yourself in so much pain that you can’t even think about getting out of bed. Those suffering from arthritis and other joint and muscle conditions often find their symptoms flaring up before and during bad weather, including rain and snow. It’s not surprising that this occurs, but there are a few things you can do to combat your pain.

What Causes Bad Weather Muscle Pain?

People suffering from joint pain often want to know why that pain worsens so much during bad weather. The simple truth is that no one really knows. Some patients with arthritis never feel even a slight twinge during a rainstorm, while others feel their joints tighten the day before a storm. Some experts point to barometric pressure as the cause of this pain. Rain, snow and even cold fronts change the barometric pressure, which puts more stress and pressure on the joints. As people react to this pressure in different ways, they experience different levels of pain.

How to Relieve Your Pain

You already know that taking an over the counter medication can reduce your joint pain, but did you know that green tea can help as well? Green tea contains a number of healthy benefits. It reduces inflammation and swelling around the joint and can make you feel more relaxed too. Experts also recommend that you use a combination of hot and cold therapy. Heat therapy, including hot packs and heating pads, reduces pain, while ice packs and other types of cold therapy can reduce swelling.

Arthritis and other types of conditions that affect the joints and muscles of the body often experience worsening symptoms during bad weather. While no one knows quite what causes this problem, you can gain some relief during bad weather conditions with hot and cold therapy, over the counter medications and green tea.

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