Wearable Fitness Technology

Wearable Fitness Technology
The manufacturers of Fitbit took the world by storm when it released its small electronic device. The Fitbit lets you track your movements throughout the day, see how many calories you burned and keep yourself motivated. Other manufacturers quickly released similar devices, including Garmin and Jawbone. Unlike pedometers that traditionally make mistakes when tracking your progress, these new devices tell you exactly how many movements you made and help keep track of your progress every day. You can even sync one of the devices with your cell phone and keep a running record of your fitness level. Find out more about some of the new wearable devices.
How to Use Wearable Technology

One of the first questions you might have is about how you can actually use these new devices. Using one is easy. You simply input information about your height and weight, and the device will quickly use that information to determine how different actions and activities burn calories. Many of the devices look like a bracelet that you can wear on your wrist or upper arm throughout the day. Once you sync the device to your computer, tablet or phone, you can save the information you receive every day in a dedicated file on that device.

How Long Does the Battery Last?

A common problem reported among users is the life of the batteries in these devices. The Garmin Vivosmart has the longest lasting battery on the market. It can last for up to three weeks on a single charge. Runtastic and Fitbit both have devices that can last for up to seven days. Most activity trackers have an internal battery that lasts between three and five days. Each device comes with its own charger that you can use to power the battery.

What Can You Do With One?

With the newest forms of wearable technology, the sky is the limit. Many monitors keep an eye on you both during the day and as you sleep at night. It lets you know how many hours you slept, how long you remained in each stage of sleep and other information. Some tracks come with an alarm that lets you know when you need to get up and active after taking a short break, and those devices will tell you how many calories you burned during your daily activities. If you need help getting in shape, using one of these newest trackers can help.


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