Water Exercises For Chronic Pain

Water Exercises for Chronic Pain
Chronic pain is something that millions of Americans deal with every day. Water exercises can be an excellent choice for those suffering from chronic pain. As long as you have access to a swimming pool, you can conquer your chronic pain with some simple exercises.

How Does Water Therapy Work?

Water therapy refers to any mild exercises that you do in a swimming pool or a large body of water. If you plan a romantic tropical getaway, you can easily hop in the ocean and do some of the same exercises that you do at home. When you suffer from chronic pain, something as simple as climbing out of bed in the morning can fill you with dread. Even the slightest of movements can send pain shooting through your body. Water therapy allows you to make sharper and more sudden movements without worrying about how your body will react. Your body remains naturally buoyant in the water, which relaxes your muscles and reduces some of the pain that you usually associate with exercising.

Types of Water Exercises You Can Do

You don’t need to spend a lot of time in the water to get in a good workout. Even if you only have 10 to 20 minutes available, you can hop in the pool and walk up and down the steps a few times. Water aerobics is another good option. Instructors lead you through a series of motions that work each area of your body without focusing too much on any one particular part. Taking a water ballet class lets you have a little more fun and get the exercise that you need at the same time. Whether you have your own pool or workout in a gym, you can battle your chronic pain with water exercises.


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