Tips for Quitting Smoking

Man Breaking Cigarette

You already know that smoking is bad for you, but you might not know how to stop once and for all. Smoking can shorten your life, increase your risk of lung cancer and breathing conditions and cause problems in your children. The sooner you stop smoking, the sooner you can take back your health and the health of your kids.

Find Support

Support groups are a good way to stop smoking. These groups consist of others who want to stop smoking, and you can lean on each other for help. You’ll even have the chance to talk about patches, nicotine gum and other remedies to find out which ones work best. If there are no support groups available in your area, consider turning to your loved ones for help. They want you to get healthy and stop smoking as much as you do.

Change the Way You Think

Think about when you smoke throughout the day. You might find that you smoke when driving to work, while playing on the computer and before or after eating. It’s nearly impossible to stop smoking until you change the way you think. You need to essentially rewire your brain and learn how to do those activities without a cigarette in your hand. Using something in place of that cigarette can help. Try replacing it with a pencil, a lollipop or even a carrot stick. You’ll get the same feel of having something in your hand without actually smoking.

Reward Yourself

Cigarette smoke clings to your hair and clothing, lingers in your car and sticks to the walls in your home. If you want to stop smoking and get rid of those smells, try rewarding yourself. Go ahead and let yourself have that ice cream for dessert or that new shirt you saw in the mall when you go one day without smoking. Treat yourself with a bigger reward each day or week that you go without smoking until you no longer need cigarettes.


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