Stretching After Running

stretching after running

How many times have you come home after a run and hopped right in the shower or sat down to drink a bottle or water and refuel with a quick snack? Running is a great activity that works nearly every muscle in your body. It helps you lose weight, maintain a healthy weight and develop the muscles that you want. After finishing up a long or short run, always take the time to stretch for a few minutes to get the results you want even faster.

Why Stretch After Running

When you run, you use the various muscles in your body to keep your core stable, prevent slips and falls and keep your body safe. If you don’t use any type of stretching, your muscles remain in a constant state of readiness. Those muscles keep expanding and contracting, which can cause certain injuries, and most runners find that they feel sore and stiff the following day. Stretching for just a few minutes can prevent runner’s knee and other common injuries.

How to Stretch After a Run

Stretching after a run is so easy that you might wonder why you never did it before. One of the easiest stretches is a wall push up. Stand with your feet planted hip width apart and your body facing a wall in your home. Place your hands flat on the wall shoulder width apart. Carefully push your body forward as if doing a push up and then lean back against the wall. After doing a few wall push ups, lay flat on the floor with one leg bent and the other leg extended out in front of you. Reach down and grab the extended leg and bring it towards your body until you feel your hamstring stretch. Repeat with the opposite leg. These simple stretches are easy after a long run, and the stretches will help your muscles relax and cool down after your run.

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