Preventing Knee Pain After Running

Knee Pain After Running

Running is one of the best types of exercises around. It’s one of the few exercises that requires no special equipment, and you can run around your neighborhood, on hiking and running trails or even around the block. When you notice your knees aching after each run, learn what to do to prevent those aches and pains.

Stretch Before Running

Professional painters know that before applying a single coat of paint to a surface, they need to apply a coat of primer. Think about your body in the same way. Before you take off on a run, you need to prime and prepare your body for that activity. Stand straight and lift your weight off your toes, pushing your weight back on your heels. Walk around for a few minutes to stretch your calves. Then place one leg on a chair and reach down with both hands, pulling your foot back to stretch your hamstring. Doing a few simple stretches can help you prevent knee pain.

Exercise Regularly

While running is a great form of exercise, think about incorporating different types of exercises into your weekly routine. Doing some light cardio, stretching and other activities will help stretch the muscles of your body and get you in better shape. The more exercise that you do, the less pain you’ll feel after running.

Take a Break

The pain that you feel in your knees might occur because you overexerted yourself or overworked your body. This often occurs in runners who hit the pavement several times a week or run multiple miles every day. If you suffer from knee pain or pain in your joints, take a break for a few days before taking another run. Taking a break is also important if you suffer a knee injury. Doctors recommend that you take several weeks off after a knee injury and go slowly when you start running again. Taking your time after an accident or injury will help you reduce that knee pain.

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