The Power of Positive Thinking

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Norman Vincent Neale started a movement in the 1950s when he published the book “The Power of Positive Thinking.” The book became an instant best seller and remains just as popular today. Psychologists investigating the claims he made in the book found that positive thinking impacts the human body in a number of ways. While thinking positively might not let you get everything you want out of life, it can change the way you feel about yourself and the way that others perceive you. No matter how you feel about yourself, today is the perfect day to change the way you think.

Take Control of Your Depression

Depression is one of the most common types of mental illnesses found in the United States, and studies found that several millions Americans suffer from the disease. It can start as a minor change in your attitude that makes you want to spend more time in bed or more time away from your family and friends. Depression can also lead to changes in your sleep patterns and your appetite, and it often makes you feel sad or bad about yourself. While thinking positively isn’t a cure for depression, it can change the way you feel. Reminding yourself that you are a good person and that others love you can get you out of bed and back in the world.

Change the Way Others Think

A positive attitude can change the way others think about you. Have you ever had a bad experience in a store because the salesperson or cashier was in a bad mood? A run in with a neighbor with low self-esteem can also affect your entire day. The more positive that you act around others, the more positive they will act around you. Maintaining a positive attitude can make others look at you in a new light.

Improve Your Health

The power of positive thinking also applies to your health. Studies found that those with a positive attitude and a positive outlook on life often live longer than those with a more negative attitude. Positive thinking can also reduce the anxiety and stress that you feel, which can reduce your risk of certain mental conditions. A better resistance to certain diseases and a lowered risk of cardiovascular disease are some of the other benefits associated with positive thinking. With so many benefits to your health, today is the perfect time to start thinking positively.

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