Pain Resources On The Web

Pain Management Resources on the Web

The more you deal with chronic pain, the less you would wish it on anyone, even your own worst enemy. You never know quite when that pain will keep you from going to work, having fun with your kids or grandchildren or even going on vacation. As long as you have access to a computer and the Internet, you can find online resources for pain.

Pain Management

Do you love the idea of seeing a physical therapist but can’t afford the visit or can’t make it to a local therapy center? With online pain management resources, you can find simple exercises and stretches that you can use at home to reduce or eliminate your pain. Use YouTube to look at videos from professional therapists, and use other websites to see diagrams and illustrations of others performing simple movements. You’ll also find tips on how you can make lifestyle changes to accommodate your pain.

Support Groups

Attending a support group is a good way to build connections with others suffering from the same problems as you. When you can’t attend sessions in your own area, look for support groups online. You can learn from others about which techniques help them best manage their pain and get advice on prescription and over the counter medications. You’ll even get in touch with people who will listen as you vent and complain about your pain. These online resources are a great way to get help when your pain keeps you from leaving your home.


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