Pain Relief Through Art

Pain Relief Through Art

Art therapy is one of the fastest growing remedies for pain management sweeping the country. Originally used by alternative clinics in the 1960s and 1970s, doctors working in more modern times discovered that arthritis patients and those dealing with other types of pain found some relief from painting, doing ceramics and using other forms of art.

Art Relieves Anxiety

Those who deal with chronic pain are more likely to suffer from anxiety disorders. That pain can interfere with everything from your life at work and the time that you spend with your kids to your home life and your feelings toward sexual relations. The more that your feelings change, the more anxious that you feel about your situation. Studies found that painting and using other methods of creating art can relieve and reduce your anxious thoughts and feelings.

Art Reduces Stress

It’s no wonder that you suffer from stress. You might have such strong pain in your hands that you can’t use a computer at work, and you might have knees that pop and creak every time that you try to stand up to make dinner or clean around your house. Painting, taking photographs, creating your own ceramic pieces and using other creative activities lets you focus your attention on one small task, which takes your mind off your stress.

Art Helps with Pain

Doctors recommend that chronic pain patients use simple exercises every day. Those exercises can strengthen the muscles in your body, increase the flexibility of your joints and help you lose weight, which takes some pressure off those joints. Standing at an easel, taking a walk while taking pictures or working your hands through a lump of clay lets you get in some simple exercise throughout the day. Art has a number of benefits for chronic pain sufferers, including helping you deal with your pain, stress and anxiety. Once you find a new hobby, you might find that you feel better about yourself and your pain.

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