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Standing Yoga Pose

Looking for a way to start practicing yoga at home but unsure of where to start? Many people worry about visiting a local yoga studio. They don’t want others to see them in workout clothing, and they don’t want to look foolish trying new moves. Using yoga resources is one of the best ways to start. You can learn poses that you can do at work or on a break from work, but you’ll also learn poses you can do at home. These yoga resources can even break down the movements into easy to follow steps.


Gaiam is one of the top names in the yoga world, and its GaiamTV website just might change the way you feel about yoga. You can watch dozens of videos on the site from some of the top instructors in the world. They even break down the moves into different components for beginners and offer alternative movements for those with limited flexibility. When you need a break, you can watch interviews from yoga experts and fitness experts. The website also offers tips for dieters and those interested in losing weight. If you have a Hulu account, you can even watch the videos on your smartphone or television.

Yoga Journal

Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced practitioner, you’ll get something out of the Yoga Journal website. Designed to work in conjunction with Yoga Journal Magazine, it offers in-depth articles on some of the same topics covered in each issue. Every pose shown on the site features colorful images that show you how to bend and twist your body into each pose, and you can view each step in a different image. Though some more advanced yoga enthusiasts might find the site lacking in terms of new information, beginners will love the helpful tips the site offers.

Yogis Anonymous

When you’re ready to move from individual poses to a complete routine, head over to Yogis Anonymous. Though it charges a monthly fee of $15, it gives you the experience of working out in a studio. You can download and watch videos from experts working in studios across the country, and you can consult those experts for help when needed. You can view as many videos as you want each month after paying your membership fee. Yoga can improve your outlook on life, and if you worry about practicing in front of others, you can use these resources to change the way you feel.

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