Neck Pain Treatment

Man With Neck Pain


Neck pain is one of the most difficult and potentially debilitating forms of pain. People with chronic neck pain  can experience difficulties performing the most basic vocational tasks. Absenteeism is a major problem for people with serious neck pain. Fortunately, pain management disciplines can indeed provide assistance for people suffering from neck pain.

Although neck is subjectively felt at the neck, this phenomenon can arise from a variety of spinal issues. Neck pain can arise from tense or strained muscles in the neck or the back. Disrupted joints can also cause serious pain. Interestingly, neck pain most often stem from problems in the the lower part of the neck and the uppermost part of the back. These regions contain joints that act as a support structure for the head. When this support system is disrupted or imbalanced, it may lead to neck pain.
Cervical Spine X-ray
Many people with neck problems suffer from spinal stenosis. This physical ailment can create serious pain for people of all ages. The condition is typified by a debilitating restriction of one’s spinal canal. This restriction can cause serious pain and a wide variety of other symptoms. Numbness in the extremities and loss of motor functionality are common.

Arthritis is one of the most chronic causes of neck pain. When arthritis-related neck pain affects the elderly, this condition can exacerbate preexisting mobility issues. Radiculopathy is a nerve problem that can affect many parts of the body. When this condition occurs with neck pain, it can take a combination of treatments to restore the patient to an improved condition.

Treatment for neck pain depends on the underlying cause.  In most patients, conservative treatment options are explored first.  This may include chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, and medication management.  Depending on the cause, f the neck pain persists, cervical epidural steroid injections may be recommended.  Other treatment options include medial branch blocks, spinal cord stimulation, and radiofrequency ablation.  At the Southern California Pain Institute, we incorporate a comprehensive approach to neck pain treatment that may include complementary alternative medicine.