Mobile Apps for Sleep

Mobile Apps for Better Sleep

There is nothing worse than laying in bed and trying to fall asleep the night before an important day. As much as you want to shut your brain off and just go to sleep, you just can’t fall asleep. Even if you do, you might find yourself waking every few hours. Falling asleep and sleeping through the night can occur any day of the week. When you don’t get enough sleep, you wake feeling groggy and so tired that you have a hard time motivating yourself to do anything. Thanks to some new mobile apps, you can now get all the sleep that you need.

Relax Melodies

Did you know that certain songs and sounds can help lull you to sleep and keep you sleeping all night long? That is the idea behind the new Relax Melodies app. The app comes with more than 60 different songs that you can play on your phone, tablet or computer. You can also combine those melodies to create your own customized songs. Unlike other similar apps that wake up abruptly the next day, this app lets you set a traditional alarm or a timer. The timer will slowly increase the sound of the alarm to wake you gently in the morning.


Though it is only available on Apple devices with an iOS, SleepCycle is an app that many users love. This app actually lets you wake at the right time every morning without making you feel like something just jarred you awake. When you turn the app on, it monitors your body and tracks the way you move at night. It uses that information to determine if you are in REM sleep or another stage. That information also lets the app determine the best way to wake you up, and it can gently rouse you from bed at the time that you need.

Relax and Sleep

Relax and Sleep is a mobile app designed for Android devices. It comes with more than 50 sounds and songs that help lull you to sleep comfortably every night. In addition to mixing and matching different sounds, you can decide on the volume you want for each of those sounds. Whether you love hearing a cat purr, the sounds of a storm outside your window or waves crashing on the beach, you can create a mix that works just for you. These apps will change the way you sleep and the way you wake too.


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