Mobile Apps for Back Pain

Mobile Apps for Low Back Pain

It sometimes seems like there is an app for everything. You can download your favorite movies and music, play hundreds of games, keep track of appointments and even edit photographs on your phone. Though you might not know it, some apps can also help you manage and reduce your back pain. Download these apps right to your phone or tablet.

WebMD Pain Coach

WebMD is one of the most popular health websites on the net, and WebMD now has its own mobile app designed for those dealing with pain. The app lets you record each instance of pain you have, including when the pain started and how long it lasted. This helps you keep track of the triggers that caused your pain and see how your pain compares to the pain you felt in the app. You can also easily share that information with your doctor.


If you want to manage and reduce your pain at home, give the BackDoctor app a try. This app features several exercises designed to reduce and alleviate pain in the lower back and other parts of the back. After identifying the type of pain that you experience, you can look through the available exercises. The app gives you the name of the app and some simple instructions, and you can use the included full color images to ensure you perform each one properly.

Yoga for Back Pain Relief

Though the Yoga for Back Pain Relief is a paid app, it offers a number of benefits for those with low back pain. You can choose between lower or upper back pain yoga poses, and you can also select from exercises designed to strengthen the back, alleviate back pain or improve your flexibility. All poses come with easy to follow illustrations and instructions. These three apps are available for both Apple and Android devices, making it easy to treat, manage and reduce your back pain at home, at work or while on the go.

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