Minimizing Back Pain on a Road Trip

Minimizing Back Pain on a Road Trip
Road trips are an American tradition. While many people love the idea of taking in the sights, singing songs with their kids and exploring the country with their families, they don’t like the back pain that comes after sitting in the car for several hours. No matter where your trip takes you, you can get some freedom from that pain.

Change Your Seat

Are you one of those people who rides around in a car with the seat reclining so far back that you’re almost sitting in the backseat? Experts recommend that you keep your seat as straight as possible. The straighter your seat is, the more you support your back. If you can’t handle the idea of riding with your head touching the head rest and sitting straight, bring along a lumbar support pillow or a rolled towel. Place the pillow or towel at the base of your lower back after climbing in the car. This small step will give your back the support it needs during a long road trip.

Get Out of the Car

When writing out your itinerary, make sure that you plan for frequent breaks. While your brain might want to drive as many hours as possible in a single day, your back welcomes those breaks. Try stopping every few hours at a rest stop instead of a gas station. Spend at least 10 to 15 minutes walking around that rest area, stretching your lower back and doing a few squats or lunges. Lean forward as if trying to touch your toes, and lean back with your hands placed on your hips. These movements with stretch the back and help you feel more limber before you hop back in the car.

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