Meditation At Work

Meditating Business Man
Everyone goes through those moments at work where they feel like they might snap. No matter how friendly you are or how well you do your job, you never know when that moment might strike. It might come when your boss suddenly drops a new assignment in your lap just before you leave for the weekend or when you find out that your coworker took credit for a project you do on your own. The anger and frustration that you feel can have an impact on your performance and your health. Meditating at work lets you recover from those feelings and get back to work again.

Meditation in Professional Offices

You might not realize it, but many professional offices now use meditation as a natural part of the day. Those working for Facebook, Twitter and other companies have the chance to take part in meditation retreats throughout the year and mediate throughout the day. Try talking with your boss about instituting something similar in your own office. You don’t need to plan a week long retreat for everyone in the office, but you can give your coworkers the chance to relax and meditate in the parking lot, the conference room or even on the lawn.

Why Meditate at Work?

Meditating is the process of relaxing your mind and letting the emotions that you feel slowly leave your body. How many times have you found yourself reaching the point where you thought you might snap at your supervisor or even walk away from your job? Everyone feels angry and frustrated at work, but you need to know how to deal with your feelings. Meditating lets you relax your mind, get a handle on your feelings and replace those negative emotions with more positive feelings.

How You Can Meditate

No matter where you work, you can still find time to meditate. If you have your own office or cubicle, keep some relaxing music on hand. Take the time to sit down with your eyes closed and focus on the music as you slowly inhale and exhale. If you have limited space available, consider using a small Zen rock or sand garden on your desk. Those working in retail or other industries can use their breaks to relax and meditate. Whenever you feel like you can’t take your job anymore, close your eyes and take a short meditation break. The odds are good that you’ll instantly feel a little better.

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