Meditation Made Easy

Woman in Seated Meditation

When you have a client meeting in the afternoon and a project that needs finishing before lunch, finding a few minutes for yourself is difficult. If you have kids at home, you might even laugh at the idea of meditating. Meditating is one of the best ways to deal with stress and anxiety, and no matter what your daily schedule looks like, you can easily find some time to meditate.

Make it a Daily Goal

Even if you don’t write down your goals for the day, you keep a mental list of what needs done. While picking up the dry cleaning, grocery shopping, finishing that assignment for work or school and dropping off the kids are important, so too is your mental health. Evaluate your schedule first thing in the morning and think of where you can make some time. Spending just five to 20 minutes meditating can put you in a better mood.

Choose the Right Music

Meditating doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to close your eyes and take some cleansing breaths. As long as you have the right music, you can meditate right in the comfort of your own car. Instead of listening to classic rock, pop music or even talk radio, slip in a CD of classical music. As the sound of Beethoven washes over you, you’ll instantly feel at peace. If you have a little more time, pull your car over in a parking lot or at the park where your kids play. Listen to the peaceful music as you slowly inhale and exhale as you count to 10.

Take a Walk

Taking a short stroll lets you commune with nature and feel at peace with the world. The distractions that you face in your neighborhood, including neighbors stopping to chat and dogs barking, can be far from peaceful. Try taking a long and leisurely walk around a local state park or neighborhood park. If you can’t escape the distractions, try wearing a pair of headphones and listening to music as you walk. These simple methods make meditating in today’s fast paced world a little easier.


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