Listening to Music for Pain Relief

Listening To Music For Pain Relief

There are certain songs that put a smile on your face and makes you want to get up in dance. Who can hear “ABC” by The Jackson 5 without dancing in their seat? Certain songs instantly put you in a good mood, and some songs take you back to a specific moment in time. You might hear a love song that reminds you of your first boyfriend, or you might hear a song that reminds you of your first road trip. Listening to those songs might offer some pain reduction benefits as well.

Improve Your Mood

One benefit of listening to music is that the music improves your mood. Grocery stores and retail stores use popular music playing lightly in the background. Those songs improve your mood, which in turn makes you spend more. The next time that you’re at your favorite restaurant, you might pay attention to the soft and soothing music playing in the background. Those soft sounds provide a soothing feeling that makes you focus on your meal and enjoy your time in the restaurant. Louder and harsher music can make you feel angry or even moody, but lighter tones can help you relax.

Distract Your Mind

On reason why listening to music reduces pain is because it distracts your mind. Have you ever found yourself in a bad mood after a long day at work and used music to calm yourself before going home? Music can have a calming and relaxing effect that changes the way you think and feel. Listening to your favorite songs and singing along with the music helps you distract your mind, which may decrease your pain. This changes the way your mind processes the pain you feel. The next time that your pain flares up, try turning on the radio, popping in your favorite compact disc or reaching for your iPod or music player to reduce the pain that you experience.

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