Lifting Weights Safely

barbell and weights

Women often worry that lifting weights will result in them bulking up and gaining muscle mass. They think that lifting weights will make them develop masculine muscles and make them look more like men and less like women. Using the weights properly can give you the long and lean muscles that you want and help you lose weight at the same time. Both men and women could benefit from learning how to lift weights safely.

Ask for Help

If you have little experience with weights, you might not know the term spotter. A spotter is someone who helps you lift the weights and stands by to offer assistance when needed. Something as simple as an accidental slip of the hand can result in the heavy weights slamming down on your chest, neck or head. A spotter will stand by your side and grab the weights when you need help.

Work with a Professional Trainer

You can buy a set of weights from almost any store that sells sporting goods and equipment, and you can also workout with weights in your local gym. Before you grab a pair of dumbbells and start lifting, it’s important that you spend some time with a professional trainer. Starting out with larger weights, overworking a specific part of your body or using the wrong motions can result in some serious injuries. A trainer can show you the type of exercises that will work best for your body and help you use the right amount of weight.

Go At Your Own Pace

If you want to life weights safely, you must go at your own pace. As much as you might like to start out with a heavier weight and more reps, going slow helps reduce your risk of injury. A torn or pulled muscle can severely damage your strength and make working out nearly impossible in the future. Going at your own pace, asking for help and working with a trainer can help you lift weights safely.


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