The Importance of Warming Up

Warming Up Before Exercise
Think of your body the same way you would think of your oven. If you put a dish in the oven to bake without turning the oven on first, you’ll wind up with a limp casserole. If you head right into your workout without warming up first, you’ll wind up with limp muscles. Warming up essentially prepares your body for the intense movements to come and ensures that you’re ready. While skipping your warm up is tempting, you might find that saving a few minutes costs you a lot in the long run.

Why Warm Up Before Exercising

Did you know that skipping your warm up puts you at risk of injuring your muscles and tissues? When you jump right into a workout, you force your muscles to go from at rest to constant movement, which can lead to tears and other injuries. Spending even five minutes getting your body read for a run or another workout lets you lubricate your joints, get your body ready for intense physical activities and raises your internal temperature. This lets you be more intense and stay focused for a longer period of time. Some studies even found that those who warm up first experience a better workout than those who don’t warm up.

Simple and Quick Warm Ups

If you spend more than five minutes warming up before launching into your workout, you’re doing something wrong. You really just want to give your body time to come up to speed and time to focus your energy on a new activity. Instead of breaking out into a run, start off at a walking pace and slowly increase to a job before you start running. Pilates and yoga are some other great warm up activities. You can do a few simple stretches to prepare your body before launching into a full workout. Warming up reduces your risk of certain injuries and puts you in the mood to work your entire body.

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