Importance of Staying Mentally Active

Playing Chess To Stay Mentally Active

Playing Chess To Stay Mentally Active

How many times have you got up from your chair, walked into another room and realized you forgot what you were doing? Many of us just laugh off those moments or call those times “senior moments” without giving it a second thought. If you find yourself forgetting things on a regular basis and struggling with your thoughts, it might indicate something more serious than just a senior moment. As much time as you spend maintaining your physical fitness, you also need to spend some time improving and maintaining your mental fitness.

Why Stay Mentally Active?

Did you know that staying mentally active can reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia in your later years? Alzheimer’s and dementia are serious medical conditions that impair your thought processes and your memories. You might see someone you love and care about standing directly in front of you without knowing that person. Patients also regress to their early years and sometimes act like children. They forget simple tasks, including how to drive a car, make food for themselves and even go to the bathroom or bathe themselves. Staying mentally active in your younger years can make you healthier and happier in your later years.

How to Boost Your Brain Power

One of the easiest ways to boost your brain power and improve your mental health is with simple puzzles. Instead of spending the night watching television, put together a jigsaw puzzle with your friends or go through a book of brain teasers. Even doing a simple crossword puzzle every day or every other day can help you stay mentally alert. You’ll also find a number of apps that you can download to your phone, tablet or computer that you can use to test your brain power. If you want something a little more fun, consider grabbing your friends and heading to a local bar or restaurant for trivia night. You’ll have fun with your friends and boost your brain too.

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