Healthy Ways To Spend A Layover

Airport Terminal

As much as you love taking off on vacations, you probably aren’t thrilled about dealing with a layover. No matter how far you travel, you might still find yourself wasting a few hours in an airport with nothing to do except read books on your tablet, people watch and eat fast food. Though you might find it hard to believe, there are some fun and healthy things that you can do during your next layover.

Have a Healthy Snack

Even the salads that fast food restaurants serve are fat and calorie bombs. While twiddling your thumbs and waiting for your flight, you might feel tempted to chow down on burritos, french fries or even ice cream. Those foods will only make you feel bloated and uncomfortable during your flight. Convenience stores located inside airports often offer a number of fresh fruits and vegetables. Dip the vegetables in hummus for a more savory treat. You can also get a bowl of oatmeal, a small bag of pretzels or a fresh sandwich.

Take a Walk

Many airports now offer a wide range of activities for travelers, including artwork that hangs on the walls and small museums. Instead of spending hours sitting in a chair or on the floor, get to know the airport. Wander around each area to see what the airport has to offer. Spending even an hour walking through the airport burns more calories than you would burn reading a book or playing a mobile game.

Explore the City

Depending on the length of your layover, consider taking some time to explore the city surrounding the airport. Even if you only have two hours, you might have time to take a long walk through a local park, visit a historic site or check out an art gallery. The more active you are during your layover, the healthier and better you’ll feel once you get on the plane; and don’t forget to hydrate.

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