Health Effects of Work Stress

Stressed out worker

Stress is one of the leading causes of heart disease in the country. It is the main reason why so many business owners and CEOs die of heart attacks and similar conditions. While you might not be a business owner, it is still important that you understand the health problems associated with work stress.

Emotional Health

Have you ever felt so stressed at work that you suddenly felt like you might explode? This occurs because stress impacts your emotional health. Some people experience serious headaches and migraines, but others experience depression and anxiety. The stress may become so bad that you have a hard time getting out of bed and a hard time finding the energy to go to work and get through the day. Those suffering from anxiety and/or depression may even find themselves taking prescription medications because they can’t handle the stress.

Personal Issues

You might not realize the havoc that stress can wreak on your personal health. Women dealing with high levels of stress often experience problems with their periods. This might leave you skipping periods for one month or longer or starting your period later every month. Some women also find that their periods last longer than before and are more painful. Males suffering from stress can experience erectile dysfunction that prevents them from having healthy sex lives. Both men and women may also find that stress takes their mind off sexual activities and makes them less able to perform in the bedroom.

Insomnia and Other Problems

There are a number of other health issues associated with stress. The stress you experience at work can leave you dealing with insomnia, which leaves you staring at the walls or ceiling and get little to no sleep at night. This can weaken your immune system and leave you more susceptible to colds and viruses. Stress can also cause stomach cramps, heartburn and high blood pressure. With so many potential health problems and medical conditions associated with stress, it’s no wonder why so many people find themselves looking for ways to reduce the daily stress they experience at work.

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