Health Benefits of Thyme

Bundle of Fresh Thyme


Thyme is more than just another spice sitting in your spice cabinet. The lightly scented herb can add a tantalizing touch to chicken, fish or any other type of meat, and after you see the impact that it can have on your body, you’ll want to reach for the jar a little more often. Available in two different varieties, the French version is a little more savory, while the lemon version has a slight citrus flavor. Have fun mixing thyme with other spices, including rosemary, sage and those other jars cluttering up your cabinet.

Antimicrobial Properties

The natural antimicrobial properties of thyme can help you bounce back from infections and certain illnesses. Microbes found in your food can leave you feeling sick to your stomach and suffering from a fever and other symptoms. You can also pick up microbes from playing with your kids or pets. Though invisible to the naked eye, microbes increase your risk of getting sick and can lead to more serious medical conditions. You can get the antimicrobial properties of this natural herb when you use either the fresh or dried herb as a seasoning in your favorite dishes.

Eliminate Bloating

Certain medical conditions can cause your body to retain water, which can lead to bloating and general discomfort. Often called water weight, bloating can keep you from urinating as often as you need and can cause high blood pressure. Though your doctor can prescribe medications that help you reduce this excess water weight, you might grow tired of seeing your doctor every few weeks or asking your doctor to call in a prescription. Thyme is a natural diuretic that can reduce water weight and increase your urination. With regular use, thyme may also regulate your bowel movements and reduce stomach discomfort.

Recover from Colds

It sometimes seems like there is always one person around the office who is more susceptible to colds than others. If you’re that person, increase your consumption of thyme. Thyme can naturally reduce the amount of bacteria and toxins found in your body. Bacteria that you pick up from your telephone, computer keyboard and even the doorknob on the bathroom can leave you with a persistent cold. Try sprinkling a little thyme over the next roast, stew or chicken breast that you make. You’ll love the way thyme tastes, but you’ll love the benefits that this herb has on your health even more.


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