Health Benefits of Ginger

Fresh Ginger
A recent study found that consumption of ginger can reduce the risk of patients developing certain types of cancer. Another study found that regular consumption of ginger can actually kill some cancer cells in the human body. The results of those studies led to a large number of people looking for information about this spicy ingredient and its health benefits. Ginger is a popular Asian ingredient that you can add to almost any dish. Whether you chow down on candied ginger or a delicious stir fry with a ginger sauce, you’ll love what it does to your body.

Reduce Swelling

Ginger is a great ingredient for those dealing with arthritis and other diseases that cause inflammation of swelling of the joints and soft tissues. It contains certain properties that reduce swelling within a few short minutes of eating it. If you suffer from chronic pain caused by inflammation, try adding a spoonful or more of ginger to your daily diet.

Boost Your Immune System

There’s a reason why so many people reach for ginger tea when suffering from a cold or virus. Ginger is one of the best things on the planet for your immune system. With a healthy immune system, you can fight back against those viruses circling through your office and enjoy being one of the only people still healthy during cold and flu season.

Fight Stomach Discomfort

People in Asian countries used ginger for centuries to battle stomach discomfort. As it is a natural ingredient, it’s even safe for pregnant women and women who are nursing. A large number of women sip ginger tea or ginger ale and eat gingersnap cookies while pregnant. Not only does it settle the stomach, but it can also reduce morning sickness and nausea. Even if you’re far from pregnant, you can use ginger to settle your own queasy stomach. Keep a bottle of ginger ale or some fresh ginger on hand to make yourself feel better this flu season.

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