Harmful Effects of Sitting

Sitting can be harmful to your health

How many times have you sat down to watch one television show and found yourself lounging on the couch for hours? While sitting in a comfortable chair or relaxing on the couch might make you feel good at the time, sitting is actually bad for you. Whether you spend hours on the couch at home or hours at your desk at work, you need to know what that sitting does to your body.

Neck and Back Strain

Even if you use an ergonomic chair at work, sitting can still damage the natural S-curve of your back. The longer that you sit, the more you compress the discs in your back. Over time, the body will increase its production of collagen, and that collagen will move to the lesser used area of the body. As the collagen forms around your discs, it can cause back pain and serious medical problems that require surgery. If you work at a desk, you’ll find that you have problems with your neck. Many people lean forward slightly to stare at a computer screen, which can strain the vertebrae in the neck.

Leg Problems

Sitting is also bad for you because it can lead to leg problems. Blood circulates through your body to keep you healthy and reduce your risks of illness and injuries. When you spend long hours sitting, you suffer from circulation problems in your lower body, which can lead to blood clots, varicose veins and swollen feet.

Muscle Issues

Did you know that the more time you spend sitting, the more damage you do to your muscles? The muscles in the human body require frequent exercise to remain healthy and strong. When you do something as simple as take a walk around your neighborhood, you use your core muscles, lower leg muscles and arm muscles to keep yourself stable. Your muscles get no exercise when you sit, which can lead to poor muscle strength and weight gain. With all the problems associated with sitting, now is the perfect time to get up and take a break.

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