Good Exercise Shoes

Good Exercise Shoes

Nothing beats a workout that leaves you breathless and excited, but if you wear the wrong shoes, you might feel tired and sore after that workout. The right exercise shoes for you depends on what you like to do, your foot shape and the fit of those shoes. A good pair of exercise shoes will cushion your feet and make you feel like you’re walking on air.

What is Your Favorite Exercise?

The type of exercises that you do will determine the best shoes for you. If you’re a runner, you want lightweight exercise shoes that provides some traction for different types of terrain. If you enjoy basketball and walking on pavement, you want shoes that cushion your heels without adding extra weight. Walking shoes are suitable for low-impact aerobics, while tennis shoes give you a little more stability.

Check Your Feet

Before you choose a new pair of exercise shoes, check your feet. Those with high arches need shoes that have additional support around the arches, while those with flat feet need shoes that have more support and a thicker cushion all the way across the bottom of the shoe. If you aren’t sure what type of feet you have, coat the bottom of your foot with non-toxic paint and plant your foot on a piece of paper. If you have flat feet, the paper will show your entire footprint, but if you have high arches, you’ll see a gap between your toes and heel.

Try on a Pair

While there are a number of benefits to shopping online, you don’t want to buy your shoes online. Every manufacturer uses a different sizing method, and while you might wear a size eight from one brand, you might need an 8.5 or even a nine in another brand. The only way you can decide if the shoes are the right fit for you is when you try on a pair. Take a walk around the store, do a few jumps or squats and make sure the shoes feel comfortable before you buy.

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