Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers
Far too many people in this country think that keeping fresh flowers on hand is too expensive. They talk about how those flowers die within a few days and how the blossoms bring nothing new to the home. Before you talk about how you love the smell of those flowers, find out the real benefits of keeping flowers in your home. Once you tell your partner what you found, you just might find that both of your bring home a bouquet tomorrow.

Become More Productive

Have you ever sat down to do some paperwork, read a book or maybe organize your junk drawer and found yourself distracted by everything else in your house? The kids run by shouting about toys, your spouse has a work emergency and you just want to kick back and watch some television. Put down that remote and reach for some fresh flowers. Studies found that having flowers around your workspace can actually make you more productive. There is something about seeing those blooms that will make you feel more focused on the task at hand. You might find yourself looking at those flowers and increasing your production just to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors faster.

Improve Your Mood

Improve your mood and get a fresh perspective on life with a few simple flowers. Keeping a flowering plant in your bedroom can help you start off the day with a clean mind and a happy mood. Having flowers around your house may also help you with depression or anxiety. If you don’t have a green thumb, invest in a simple bouquet every week. Some recent research found that certain types of flowers, including lavender, can also help you fall asleep faster and sleep all night long. Now that you know the benefits of having fresh flowers in your home, why not drop a few hints to let your partner or spouse know that today is the perfect day to bring home flowers?


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