Five Tips for Managing Pain at Work

Worker at Office

Chronic pain can make going to work and staying throughout the day extremely difficult. Instead of wasting a vacation day on a day where your pain levels are out of control, try learning some quick and easy ways to manage your pain at work.

Know Your Limits

As much as you might like to lift heavy boxes, spend all day on your feet and do other things that your coworkers do, you need to know your limits. Once you determine what you can and cannot do, you’ll know when you need to step aside and let someone else do one of your assigned tasks.

Use Ergonomic Supplies

If you work in an office setting, look for ergonomic products that can reduce pressure, stress and pain. An ergonomic chair puts less pressure on your back and lets you sit comfortably for hours. You might also want to opt for an ergonomic keyboard that repositions your hands as you type.

Stretch When Needed

Yoga and other types of stretching can help you better manage your pain. There are dozens of stretches that you can do at your desk, in your cubicle or even outside in the parking lot. Those stretches can also help clear your mind and take your thoughts off any pain that you experience.

Inform Your Employers

When dealing with chronic pain, it’s important that you talk with your employers and let them know about your problem. They can find others to do some of the tasks that you usually do and find positions that you can easily do without causing a flare up.

Take Frequent Breaks

Above all else, you need to listen to your body and take frequent breaks when needed. Pushing yourself to work a little harder or a little longer can intensify your pain and make your situation worse. Even taking a five minute break to sit down or do some stretches can help you work with a clear head without worrying about your pain.

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