Find 10 Minutes A Day For Yoga

Young Woman In Seated Yoga Pose

Your daily schedule is sometimes so packed that you can barely find time to grab a bite to eat. Trying to find time to squeeze in a workout and do a little yoga is like trying to make your dog go outside in the middle of a rainstorm. When you wish there were more hours in the day and more time in the week, you can use a few tips to find 10 minutes for your yoga.

Get Up a Little Earlier

When you know that you have a busy day ahead of you, set your alarm 15 minutes early. This gives you five minutes to wake up and adjust to waking earlier in the day and 10 minutes for your yoga. You can get your routine done before your spouse asks about the coffee and your kids complain about getting ready for school.

Make it Part of Your Nighttime Routine

You probably follow the same routine every night. You brush your teeth, get things ready for the next day and read a few pages or watch a few minutes of television before finally turning off the lights and drifting off. Before you jump into bed, take time to do just 10 minutes of yoga. Not only will this make you feel more centered and peaceful, but yoga also reduces stress and improves your sleep.

Shorten Your Lunch Break

Whether you have 30 minutes or 60 minutes for lunch, set aside 10 minutes for yoga. There are a number of stretches and positions that you can in your office chair or in your office apparel. If you want to do some more advanced positions, make sure that you bring a change of clothes and keep those clothes at your desk.

Break Up Your Routine

Don’t assume that you need to do your entire routine in one sitting. Even a few minutes of yoga can make you feel more relaxed and resting. If you’re really short on time, do a few stretches in the morning, a few at lunch and end your day with a few more. Breaking up your routine may let you get in more than 10 minutes every day.


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