Exercising Together

Exercising Together

You know that you need to exercise regularly to stay in shape and lose weight, but you probably struggle with willpower. If you keep telling yourself that this week is the week that you start working out, consider grabbing a workout buddy. Studies found that working out with another person can make you feel more motivated and keep you committed to your weight loss goals. Having a partner by your side can make this week the week that you get serious about your health and well-being.

Time Flies

Let’s face it, exercise is boring. Even if you bring your iPod or a book to the gym, you probably find yourself winding down by the end of your workout. No matter what you do to relieve your boredom, you likely find yourself leaving before you finish your routine. Before long, you may even decide to skip your workout altogether. Having a workout partner can make the time fly by quickly. You have someone that you can talk to about your day, vent to about problems at work and someone who will help the time pass by more quickly.

Feel More Motivated

Do you suffer from a lack of motivation? Does the idea of driving to the gym or just taking a walk around the block make you want to curl up in bed with Netflix on the television? Motivation is a key component of health and weight loss. The more motivated you feel about exercising, the more likely it is that you will actually workout. When you exercise with a buddy, that buddy will be by your side every step of the way. You won’t want to skip the gym or reduce your workouts because you know that your friend depends on you.

Celebrate the Small Things

Before you plan your workout routine, make a list of your goals. Divide your major goals into smaller and more obtainable goals. If you want to lose 30 pounds by bikini season, work at losing five pounds at a time. Your buddy will help you commit to those goals and celebrate the small moments with you. For example, you might both celebrate a weight loss goal with a trip to the smoothie bar for a yummy drink or with a trip to a concert together. When you choose the right buddy and workout together, you will feel more motivated, have more fun exercising and meet your goals.

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