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Stressed Out Man

Stress and Inflammation

You probably already know that inflammation is one of the leading causes of pain, but you might not know that stress can worsen that inflammation and lead to additional pain. Medical experts believe that this occurs because of a connection between inflammation and the immune system in the body. Immune System Responses When you suffer […]

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Chopped Broccoli

Eat This Not That: Broccoli

Arthritis is a serious medical condition that caused inflammation in the joints. Though some think that it only affects the elderly or those of an advanced age, arthritis can affect anyone. Some even find that they develop arthritis after breaking a bone or going through surgery to repair a damaged bone. According to some recent […]

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Core Workout

Core Workouts

Your core is one of the most important parts of your body. The term core refers to the muscle group that includes and surrounds your abdominals. Tightening and improving those muscles helps you stand up straighter, feel more flexible and support the rest of your body. There are some simple core workouts that you can […]

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