Biofeedback for Low Back Pain

Biofeedback Machine

A biofeedback machine might look like something from a sci-fi film, but studies found that it can actually significantly decrease the amount of back pain that some patients experience. These machines essentially change the way your brain reacts, thinks and feels about pain.
Change Your Awareness

The most positive benefit of using biofeedback for lower back pain is that it changes your awareness. When you frequently suffer from lower back pain, you know all too well the symptoms. It can sometimes start out as a mild twinge that lets you know you’ll wake the next day barely able to get out of bed. The pain can also come on quite suddenly and leave you unable to do your regular activities. It might occur in the middle of the workday, right as you leave the office or even when you wake up in the morning. Once your brain realizes that the pain exists, it increases that pain. Using a biofeedback machine can change the awareness that your body and brain has to that pain.

Change Your Responses

The response that you have to your lower back pain goes well beyond the pain that you feel. It also makes you less likely to form and foster relationships with others and more likely to cause emotional problems. If you ever spent a few hours curled up in bed and crying over your back pain, you know all too well the emotional side of your condition. Biofeedback can change the way you respond to pain in each way. As it reduces your pain and changes the way you react to that pain, you’ll find that you have less of an emotional and social reaction to the pain.

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