Best Places To Exercise For Free

Exercise for Free

Joining even the most basic of gyms can still set you back $30 or more each month. Sign up for a membership plan at a gym with a swimming pool, a juice bar and personal trainers and your total cost will double or even triple. While you can always find used exercise equipment on Craigslist, in a thrift stores and at yard sales, you can also find fun and free ways to workout.

State Parks

If you live near a state park, you’re missing out on a great place to exercise. While national parks usually charge an entrance fee, state parks are usually free. Many of these parks have hiking trails that wind through the wilderness, and most parks will let visitors know about the intensity of each trail. Some trails cover a few hundred feet, while other trails stretch for miles. You can also cool off with a dip in the park’s lake, run miles along the beach or burn calories goofing around in the playground.

Local Mall

Mall walkers are people who go to the mall to exercise instead of shop. While most mall walkers are a little on the older side, you can easily burn more calories doing laps around the mall than you would sitting on your couch. Instead of going right to your favorite stores, park your car as far from the entrance as possible. Do at least one lap around each level of the mall before you make any purchases.

In Your Own Home

Do you have a Hulu account that you use to keep up to date on your favorite shows? Hulu costs less than $10 a month, and it has a number of exercise and workout programs available for members. You can watch workouts on your laptop, your smartphone or even your television. Hook up a PlayStation, XBOX or Wii game console to get full access to all its programs. You can also burn calories running up and down your stairs, doing squats when you wash your dishes or doing lunges as you clean your yard. With these tips, you’ll never spend money to workout again.




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