Benefits of Jump Rope

Benefits of Jump Rope

The same jump rope that you used as a kid can help you even more as an adult. Jump ropes are so hot right now that some of the top gyms across the country now teach workout classes that utilize this simple piece, and you can even find some DVDs that teach you how to make the most of your workout. Before you run to the store, find out some great benefits of adding a jump rope to your routine.

Make Exercise Fun

Remember how much fun you had playing with your friends as a kid? You made up silly rhymes that you used while jumping rope and tried to last longer than your friends. If you tire of following the same workout routine at home, try incorporating a jump rope into your workout. It offers a nice change of pace from your usual routine, and you can often find high-quality jump ropes for less than $10.

Improve Muscle Tone

Did you know that using a jump rope can improve your muscle tone? Think about the way you use the rope. You swing the rope over your head and jump over it multiple times. The simple movement of your body will help you tone up your leg muscles and lower body faster than other cardio exercises.

Work the Whole Body

In addition to improving muscle tone, using a jump rope will also work your whole body. Keeping your core stable while jumping will result in a flatter stomach, while moving your upper arms can help you better define the muscles in your arms. As jumping rope is a cardio workout, it lets you burn more calories than spot training or other forms of exercise will.

If you worry about what others might think when they see you skipping rope in your front yard, head to the backyard or pick a spot in your living room. You don’t need a lot of space to skip rope, and you can get the benefits of this workout while watching television in your home.

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