Accepting Chronic Pain


Accepting your pain is the first step associated with taking control over your body and the chronic pain that you feel. You must look at your condition as you would any other type of disease. If you had diabetes, you would watch the way you eat and cut down on sugar in your diet, and if you had any other disease, you would follow your doctor’s recommendations. You should think about your chronic pain in the same way.

Don’t Give Up

Far too many people think that if they accept their pain, they give up on their hopes for the future. Instead of fantasizing about playing outside with their grandchildren and spending time outside, they imagine a life filled with board games and indoor activities. When you accept that you have chronic pain, you learn how to cope with that pain and how to keep that pain from disrupting your life. You learn how to make allowances for your pain and how to change your schedule to cope with that pain.

Adjusting to Your New Life

Accepting that you suffer from chronic pain lets you better adjust to your new life. You’ll quickly learn how to watch your body for signs of a flare up and what to do to stop those flare ups from occurring. You might find that can’t handle a day at the amusement park with your kids, but you can have fun playing outside in the yard with your children. Once you feel that slight twinge in your leg, you’ll know that it’s time to take a break. After accepting that you have a problem, you also discover how to treat your pain. Some people use hot and cold therapy, while others use rest and over the counter medications. You won’t know what works for you until you accept that you have chronic pain.

Accepting that you suffer from chronic pain doesn’t mean that your hopes for the future end. Once you accept that your pain exists, you can look for ways to treat it and make alternative plans for the future.

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