Can Spicy Foods Help You Lose Weight?

Spicy Foods for Weight Loss

Spicy Foods for Weight Loss

Can Spicy Food Help You Lose Weight?

If you follow celebrity diets, you might remember when celebrities like Beyonce touted the benefits of the cayenne cleanse. They swore that drinking water mixed with cayenne pepper and honey helped them lose weight. While that cleanse didn’t melt the fat away, it is possible to lose a little extra weight when you add spicy foods to your diet.

Increase Metabolism

One reason why spicy foods help you lose weight is because those foods boost your metabolism. Those with a faster metabolism process foods faster and eliminate waste and toxins faster, which helps them lose weight. Your metabolism naturally slows as you age, but studies found that eating hotter foods can speed up a slower metabolism. Try snacking on nuts roasted with a pinch of cayenne or dipping fresh vegetables in hummus made from chickpeas and a little hot sauce.

Eat Less

Have you ever eaten something too hot for your taste buds to handle? You probably reached for a big glass of milk or cold water to cool down your tongue, and you likely took a break from eating too. Eating spicy and hot foods can make you feel fuller faster, which keeps you from overeating at lunch or dinner. The less calories that you consume, the less weight that you gain. A broth-based soup laced with a little hot sauce, chicken breast dusted with cayenne or a spicy salsa added to your favorite sandwich can also deliver the flavor that you want without any added calories. You can even opt for a chocolate dessert with a little cayenne sprinkled on top. The cayenne brings out the richness of the chocolate, but the spicy heat will keep you from overindulging.

Eating spicy foods just might be the secret weight loss trick you need. Those hot foods give you the flavor and taste that you want without adding too many calories, and when you incorporate hotter foods, you can even boost your metabolism at the same time.

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