Getting Out In Nature

Being in Nature for Stress Relief

People today spend far too much time cooped up indoors and not nearly enough time outside. If you think back to how you spent the last few weeks, you probably spend hours in front of a computer or television screen. Some people even find that the only time they spend outside is the time they spend walking to their cars. Getting back to nature can make you feel better and reduce your stress too.

Benefits of Nature

In a study conducted by the University of Kansas, half of the participants reported feeling less stressed and more creative after spending time outside every day. A similar study conducted by the University of Michigan discovered that after spending one hour outside, participants reported feeling healthier and suffering from better moods. Spending time outside lets you increase your dose of vitamin D. Those vitamins can improve your mood, make you feel healthier and also improve your memory. Some studies found that 15 to 30 minutes of sunshine every day can significantly reduce mood swings and stress.

How to Get Back to Nature

Many people feel that they just don’t have enough time to spend outside. If the sun is still out when you get home from work, grab a book and spend some time sitting on your lawn or on your porch. You might even grab the kids and head outside for a quick game. Gardening is another simple thing to do outside, and you can grow fruits and vegetables that you can use to make healthy snacks and meals for your family. If you know your neighbors, consider starting your own outdoor adventure club. You and your friends and neighbors can go on hikes, take camping trips and plan other outdoor events during the warmer months. As you spend more time outside and away from the electronics in your home, you’ll notice your mood improving and your stress levels dropping.

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